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NonStopDb aims to facilitate the study of nonstop mutations which occur in the stop codons of genes in cancer.

Search options

  1. Search by Gene: here, the user can search for nonstop mutations present in a gene of interest (HGNC gene symbol, gene name and Ensembl IDs are accepted).

  2. Search by Region: here, the user can search for mutations at genomic coordinates (genome version GRCh38).

  3. Search by Organ: here, the user can search for nonstop mutations by organ system, site and histology.

  4. Advanced Search: here, the user can combine multiple search options including gene names, Cancer Gene Census (CGC) genes, tumor entities, the conservation score and the length of the extension.


  • Dhamija et al., A pan-cancer analysis reveals nonstop extension mutations causing SMAD4 tumour suppressor degradation. Nature Cell Biology (2020) 22:999–1010.

  • Diederichs S et al., The dark matter of the cancer genome: aberrations in regulatory elements, untranslated regions, splice sites, non-coding RNA and synonymous mutations. EMBO Mol Med (2016) 8:442-57.


    A detailed and user-friendly documentation can be downloaded here: Read more


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